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About Us

Who are we?

We are a community of all the students of IIITs united together for sharing news, collaborating events, and growing up together to make our institute a better place.

What's our purpose?

To create a community of all IIITians united together for sharing news in a seamless way, collaborating events and connecting with the aim of creating a better competitive environment to live in.


IIITs are model of education which can produce best-in-class human resources in IT and harnessing the multidimensional facets of IT in various domains.


Students qualifying IIT - JEE Mains are eligible to get admissions in these technical institutes according to their ALL INDIA Rank.


Each lllT have self sustaining autonomy to develop its own academic programmes including curriculum, new courses and method of assessment.

Industrial Collaboration

IIITs are collaborated with different industrial partners to implement technological innovations and domains which are in demand in this fast - growing digital platform




Join our Amazing Community

  • Do we conduct amazing technical & creative events?

    Yes for sure. To nourish technical & problem-solving skills and enhance creativity, we conduct events like Code Chronicles (coding competition open to all institutes), webinars, alumni talks, QnA with start-up founders and CEO’s, Meme War competition and many other events of various domains.

  • We have and will be organizing various contests and events on different platforms. Code Chronicles is a monthly organized coding competition which takes place on Code Chef Platform globally. Meme War is conducted on our Facebook handle through entries via email. Webinars and many other similar events are hosted live on our YouTube channel.

  • Primarily, one must turn in to IIITians Network’s social media accounts like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for getting such thrilling news and all updates regarding the events, competitions, webinars, etc. Then follow the instructions provided and here you go.

  • As the name suggest, we are united and never ending connection of 25 IIITs all over nation. We share news about different events and competitions being organised around IIITs and by IIITians network.

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